The Big Bang was a Great Explosion of Love! And you belong here!

I’m thinking about what it’s like to connect consciously with the Earth, and to know that we belong, because of what we experience in the body when we do this. And this belonging is a verb with no opposite when it comes to life, to the earth and the cosmos.

This is radical. And even more radical is that the creative force/source of the world in which not-belonging is impossible is Love.

“We are loved by the cosmos,” Thich Nhat Hanh told us on the first day of the 3-week summer retreat in Plum Village’s Upper Hamlet in June of 1989. “It is important to know that you are loved by the cosmos,” he repeated throughout the retreat. I puzzled over it then, and for years after, until I started doing somatic meditation practices.

It’s the body! What if the Big Bang was actually a great Heart Explosion of Love? Love that is creation, and all that is created. My body tells me this. The cosmos burst forth in love! Love is the Source, and we actually remain, always, infused by/with it. But like the waves of energy that Jill Bolte Taylor saw rising from her arms during her left-brain stoke, instead of the usual boundary of skin, we don’t see and aren’t aware of this love as being our Source—in an ongoing, never-separated way.

The great explosion of love is occurring now, here, in this, your very body! The body is the gateway to this. The body that is woven inextricably into the cosmic web of love/light/life/intelligence. These are all synonyms.

And that, too, is radical.

This is possible:

The big bang was a fantastic burst of love.

This universe is born of the natural and powerful desire of love to expand, to express itself in waves of light and particles of beings, human and most otherwise.

This burst of expanding, creative love is not an historic event; it’s ongoing, happening just and right now, everywhere.

Each of us is, in this very moment, a continuing expression of the universal outpouring of love.  Out from each of our cells, each its own and true center of the universe, the expansion of love is happening.

This is possible.

Each and every one of us is “hard wired” to experience ourselves as inseparable from this love, as, in fact, a perfect expression of it.

This is possible.

We all belong. We are included. Exclusion is not an option, not possible. We are, each of us without exception, woven into the very fabric of this universe. We are of the universe, not a part of it.  We are the universe. No matter how much or how often we feel ourselves lost, disconnected, exiles in our own heart, something else entirely [the opposite, in fact] is simultaneously and profoundly true.

This is possible.

And this experience is available to each of us precisely because it cannot be otherwise.

There’s no other way to get here, no other way to be here, except as the ongoing bursting of love.

We cannot be otherwise.